From housewife to fashion victim, there is only one step. It has crossed the codes of fashion and eras, and is worn today by day and by night.

The basket, a new fashion object

Having become a staple in the arms of fashionistas, the basket has earned its title of nobility, moving from a simple shopping bag to a real fashion bag

From now on, the basket can be embroidered, colored, and dressed in winter.

When did this change take place? Why the craze for crochet bags, and who benefits?

By hand, over the shoulder or over the shoulder, the straw bag shows us all the colors ...

Birth of a cult object ...

“Never without my bag! "

How did the basket go from the housewife's arm to the It-girl's hand?

A simple tool reserved for peasants and craftsmen to transport equipment and goods, the basket changed function and became a very fashionable handbag in the 1960s.

It was in 1965 that a woman named Jane Birkin arrived in France with a wicker basket as a handbag. Entered the Fashion universe, and can be found in all outfits: beach bag, picnic basket or glamorous evening bag. The chic basket is worn with naturalness and elegance.

Handcrafted or from mass distribution, the new object of desire for women represents a very important market.

It's in the bag !

Because it has also become ultra trendy, it gives peps to all the outfits, and that it sells well, the big ready-to-wear brands but also the haute-couture houses, propose their own basket, scratched, recognizable at first glance.

According to Corinne Sans-Arcidet, the stylist of our family brand @sansarcidetparis, specialized in the creation of raffia baskets for over 20 years, "the basket is not a commercial tool, it is a philosophy of life! ".

While many brands approach the designer to consider developing a collection, only a few catch her attention, because she believes that "a beautiful basket is deserved! ".

Bas&h raffia bag collection by Corinne Sans-Arcidet.

Collection of Yves Saint-Laurent baskets by Corinne Sans-Arcidet

The basket, a new decorative object

These days, it's no surprise to find bags in the hallway, in the bedroom or as a flowerpot.

Baskets hang on every doorknob, and authenticity enthusiasts are fond of them.

Guests in the living room in a basket, in the bedroom in a bassinet or in the kitchen in spice jars, the new trend is to combine fashion and decoration!

The basket, or how to make your interior look like a holiday ...


The natural, a great added value.

With its fiercely fashionable vintage image, the basket attracts and brings people together.

If the nostalgic bohemian woman finds her hippie years there, the blogger sees it as a new way to display her ultra fashionable side.

Mini or maxi, flexible or rigid, the basket comes in all shapes and sizes. It is dyed, embroidered, adorned with leather or fur depending on the season.

It is everywhere, from the local drugstore to the ultra-desirable brands, including the small souvenir shops in seaside villages ...

To what do we owe this success which transcends space and generations?

Quite simply to its nature as a timeless object handcrafted by women artisans which gives it a form of immutable and seductive luxury.

The basket is worn today without any fashion injunction and thus belongs to the new world of Slow Fashion, responsible, ethical and sustainable.

“Looking at it, you don't have to be an expert to do all the manual work it required, unlike a fabric bag. Its value is more palpable for consumers ” says Louise Taccoen, fashion marketing manager at Carlin International.